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Soxsies and How It All Began

I’m Tash, mummy to three boys, Freddie, Jaxon and Bowie and creative brain behind our little business brand Soxsies. After our middle son Jaxon was born, I began to realise we NEVER had a single pair of socks that matched and we ended up with a floor full of socks without friends.

In a rush to get out of the door everyday, I was getting more and more frazzled over what to grab in a hurry to keep their feet warm!

Freddie said “can’t we glue our socks to our trousers mummy?” And I thought, “why not hey?!” So I began sketching and came up with some drawings (scribbled on the back of a water bill haha)…and then like every other mummy, the boys started arguing and I had to run off to break up the WWE match in the other room. And the sketch, it wasn’t seen again.

Oct 2021 came around and we had our cutie bubba Bowie, our youngest, he was super dreamy and perfect in every single way. Dec hit our family like a hurricane, causing total devastation as Bowie suddenly passed away, and overwhelming loss and sadness swept through the family.

Minutes, hours and days dragged by, trapped inside the nightmare that was a mummy losing her baby… then one day I saw one of Bowie’s socks on the floor, which had fallen behind the bed.

It sounds so silly now, but I had no idea, how much impact, a teeny tiny thing like a sock could make! A sock!

I cried for almost an hour, and then began searching for the Soxsies sketch, and finally found it in the bottom of the “messy drawer”, you know the one I mean? The one where everything is shoved when you’re in a rush, or you can’t be bothered to find a proper place for it, the one that never gets cleared out, where things like old batteries live. There it was.

I decided it was time to do something; if I was going to have to live with the grief of being “that mum”, you know the mum that’s on maternity leave without a baby, then I needed to do something, outside of being a physical mummy to Jaxon and Freddie. So along came Soxsies, a passion project, dedicated to Bowie that I wanted to use to raise some money for the hospital that had supported us, give myself a lifeline and also provide a platform

for normalising talking about baby loss.

So that’s me, and my perfectly imperfect family and our little biz…we just want people to know that it isn’t just a cliche. You really do make a big difference when you buy from a small business. And there is a story behind all of us.

Much love

Tash and the boys

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