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Soxsies Join the SuperLoop: New Return & Earn Partner!

Find out how you can quickly and easily earn vouchers by donating your outgrown Soxsies to the SuperLoop!

Supporting Slow Fashion

Making good quality items using materials that are kind to your baby's skin and also the environment, costs money. The fast-fashion industry makes clothes cheaply with poor quality and often toxic materials.. Of course, babies grow fast, and as they will only be in their clothes for at most a few months it's easy to turn a blind eye to these effectively disposable garments. It's hard for small ethical brands to compete with this as parents often can’t afford to fork out big bucks for pieces that will only be worn a handful of times.

SuperLooper is fixing that. Renting clothes means that prices stay down and you only pay for clothes for as long as you need them. Their library is made up of donations, largely from parents doing a conscious clearout. That’s where Soxsies comes in, and so do you!

When your baby grows out of their Soxsies there's likely to be a lot more wear left in them. We make sure that your baby’s outgrown leggings can be loved again by other families and we make sure that you are rewarded for keeping clothing in circulation and fighting fast fashion! By donating your outgrown Soxsies pieces you can earn money off your next order with us, helping you save money and the planet! Return & Earn helps SuperLooper ensure their customers have a brilliant selection of quality brands when they make a rental order, but also support brands like us that are doing their bit for the planet..

How does it work?

Using the Freepost service, simply pop your item/(s) in the post and SuperLooper will check and grade them.

Their grading system will determine the value of your discount voucher

The clothing item/s will be added to the SuperLooper library and if they’ve been loved a bit too long they’ll look for ways to up-cycle them into other useful things or send them to be re-cycled.

How Much Can I Earn?

The value of your voucher depends on the quality of the pieces you send in, but below is an idea of how exactly it works.

SuperLoopable =15% of items original value

Loopable =10% of items original value

Recyclable =£1

A ‘SuperLoopable’ item is either in ‘like new’ or very good condition. A ‘Loopable’ item may be a bit more worn but still in good wearable condition. We ask that you don’t send in any items that you see as no longer wearable. Instead recycle these at your nearest clothing/textiles recycling bin. However, we will add a token £1 to your voucher for any items that don’t quite make the cut.

Who are Superlooper?

SuperLooper is a not-for-profit baby clothing rent and recycle service founded by Jenny Barrett in 2019. It was set up to make the reuse of outgrown baby clothes easier for parents and to help reduce the need to over-produce and over-consume clothes that only get worn for such a short time. All the clothes in their online library have been handed down by parents and brands doing a ‘conscious clear-out’ of their cupboards. Subscriptions cost £23 per month with a typical clothing bundle including baby grows, vests, sleepsuits, day wear, and outdoor clothing. Renters can choose whatever they want from the online library and will soon be able to order bundles curated for their individual preferences and needs. Clothes can be returned to the loop when babies grow or when parents want a change of wardrobe, saving them money, space, and time, and significantly reducing waste.

With 183 million barely worn baby clothes piling up in drawers all over the UK, SuperLooper helps keep garments in circulation for longer. By partnering up with great-quality ethical baby clothing brands like Little Green Radicals, Lucy & Sam, Toby Tiger, and now Soxsies, SuperLooper can offer their subscribers beautifully made, organic clothes and save these wonderful pieces from being left forgotten in the back of cupboards.

Why Rental?

Renting is a win:win for all of us. It means we can all have a happy glow knowing that these clothes are being enjoyed by even more people and that we all play a part in reducing some of the waste that happens when we have kids.

✔️ You get rewarded for taking the time to do your bit and send in your outgrown clothes.

✔️ We get direct feedback about how well our legging last.

✔️ Superlooper get more fantastic items to offer SuperLooping families to rent.

The only losers here are the landfills and that’s good news for all of us.

Find out more about SuperLooper at


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